15 Cool Summer Party Ideas

15 Cool Summer Party Ideas

How about an outdoor party? We have put together some ideas for you on how to make the most of your time. Finally, we can afford to be outdoors for a long time, dance until the morning, and enjoy the summer evenings. And how can you spend the summer without noisy parties?

15 Cool Summer Party Ideas

We believe that no way and such events should be mandatory if you want to get all your friends together, take a lot of cool photos and just get a shock dose of positive emotions. If you are ripe for a summer party and want to arrange it in your country house, park, or country house, then here are some tips on how to make it unforgettable:

Summer Party Ideas: Decoration

Preparing and decorating the place where you plan to meet with friends is the first thing to do. We will not suggest hiring specially trained people for the decoration of a summer party, but we will offer several options for how you can cheaply and quickly give your backyard or garden a special atmosphere:

1. Hang some bird feeders on trees

Birds chirping can be a great accompaniment to your party. This option is ideal for those who want to relax and get away from the bustle of the city.

2. Decorate the trees with colorful ribbon or garland

If you want to add color (for example, you have a Mexican party), then you can choose a bright ribbon and hang it on trees around the perimeter. In the evening, hanging lanterns or garlands with warm light will look good – they will create coziness and will not attract insects so much, which is important. 

3. Set up a seating area.

Dancing until the morning is undoubtedly good, but you still want to relax. Designate an area where you can sit or even lie down, chat with a friend over a delicious cocktail or just enjoy the starry sky. Lay some lovely rugs on the ground, take out chairs and poufs, add soft pillows and a couple of blankets – your relaxation zone is ready.

4. Prepare a place for dancing

Even if you start the evening with jazz music, this does not mean that you should not have a dance floor ready to end the night with modern hits. A strobe or disco ball will help you create the right mood.

5. It is interesting to beat named places

If you are planning a sit-down dinner, write the names of the guests on large leaves to mark their places at the table. Do this with a gold marker – it will look amazing.

Summer Party Ideas: Menu

The menu for a summer party is not always barbecue and grilled vegetables. You can offer your guests many variations of summer snacks and cocktails that they have not tried before. To make your preparation easier, please note the following:

6. Provide guests with multiple drink options

You don’t need to buy water from different brands; just add a few non-standard ingredients to it. For example, fill jugs of water with cucumber or lemon, raspberries or lavender blossoms, add ice there, and plain water will turn into a delicious and beautiful drink.

7. Order catering

Order catering services if you don’t have time to prepare a buffet table or simply don’t want to. Choose a menu according to your taste preferences and watch as a team of specialists sets various goodies on the table.

8. Make a signature cocktail

Why isn’t a summer party a reason to try a new cocktail? Classic sangria is undoubtedly the most suitable drink for such events, but you can go beyond and come up with something of your own or make a cocktail that you have long wanted to try.

9. Serve classic summer desserts

Instead of fiddling with complicated desserts, go back to childish treats like shaved chocolate ice cream, fruit salad, and sweet smoothies.

Summer Party Ideas: Script and Entertainment

There are many summer party scenarios, and we all love them. But if you have doubts or you do not know how you can entertain your guests, then here are a few options:

10. Insist on a cocktail dress code

If this is a party, then the outfit should be appropriate. Ask your girlfriends to wear dresses or sundresses, and your friends to wear light suits. Make this evening memorable!

11. Choose one of the Gatsby party scenarios

Can’t think of a topic? Re-read The Great Gatsby again since all of his parties took place mainly in the vast backyard. Have your guests show up in their best 20s outfits and get ready to dance the Charleston.

12. Create a custom playlis

Choose songs that lift your spirits or match the theme of the party. Use Bluetooth speakers to make music play well in every corner of your backyard or garden.

13. Host a screening of your favorite movies

You can arrange a cinema right in the fresh air when it gets dark. To do this, you need a projector, a house wall, and popcorn.

14. Invite a florist for a master class

Surely your friends will be interested in learning how to arrange bouquets correctly and beautifully. Invite a florist who will give a practical lesson on how to create a beautiful flower arrangement. Bouquets decorated by friends can be keepsakes from you.

15. Play prosecco pong.

Upgrade your favorite university game by creating pyramids out of paper cocktail glasses filled with sparkling Italian wine.


Create a real birthday party in your park or garden or pool. We are sure that you and your friends will remember such a summer party for a long time!

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