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Redring Shotgun Sight

The Redring shotgun sight is a development by the Scandinavian shooting instructor Ostergren and is produced in Sweden; in Germany, it is sold by the weapon manufacturer Blaser.

Technically, it is similar to a mini red dot sight like Docter Sight or Zeiss Compact Sight. It has no magnification, and the aiming device is projected onto a glass surface. However, this pane of glass is significantly larger than that of mini red dot sights. Instead of a small target point, a red circle is used for aiming.

The display of the Redring is 26 mm high and tapers from a base width of 32.5 to 27 mm in the upper area. According to the manufacturer, the target circle at a distance of 20 m roughly corresponds to the diameter of the shot.

Redring Shotgun Sight

There will be deviations depending on the choke used, and the structure of the shotshell certainly plays a role. Cartridges with a shot cup usually hold the sheaf together a little longer than when the sample and powder charge are separated by greased felt plugs.

In practice, however, this should not play a major role in fundamentally aiming at the target.

The Redring sight is parallax-free, so you should keep both eyes open when aiming like a red dot sight for rifles. Most shotgun shooters shoot with both eyes open anyway, so that hardly any adjustment is necessary.

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Compared to a mini red dot sight (e.g., Docter Sight 25 g), the Swedish shotgun sight is significantly more extensive and, at 181 g, more than seven times as heavy. A raised rail is necessary to mount the shotgun sight, which almost all over-and-under, self-loading, and many transverse shotguns have.

Only side-by-side shotguns with a flat hollow rail are left out.

The integrated assembly grips around the running rail, the actual visor body lies flat on the rail. This is necessary so that no major changes to the stop have to be made.

Shotguns do not have a uniform rail width. Three sets are supplied for mounting on common rail widths. This covers rail widths from 6 to 11 mm. The replacement of the assembly parts is very easy.

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The visor body made of anodized aluminum is matt black. The visor has no adjustment device. According to the manufacturer, this is also not needed because the visor lies flat on the rail and the assembly device ensures a central seat.

There are two rubberized push buttons marked with + and – on the right side as operating elements. To switch it on and off, press both buttons at the same time.

The luminosity of the red target ring can be changed manually and automatically: With the auto function, the luminosity adapts to the background itself. A sensor on the face of the visor measures the brightness and controls the light intensity.

When the auto function is switched off, the light intensity is set manually using pushbuttons to suit your taste. A 1.5 volt AAAA battery should last for 300 hours. Such 4xA batteries are not exactly easy to get; you will look in vain at conventional discounters or radio markets, as we found out when the supplied battery was empty.

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So that the expensive batteries are not constantly empty, the Redring has an automatic system that switches it off after four hours. Under the battery cover plate, a USB port can be used to connect the Redring to a computer.

If you register at, you can set the automatic switch-off of the visor online and update the software.

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