You are currently viewing How to Choose a Good Trampoline for a Summer Residence: Detailed Instructions From Experts

How to Choose a Good Trampoline for a Summer Residence: Detailed Instructions From Experts

How to choose a good trampoline for a summer residence: Outdoor activities are suitable for children and adults; a trampoline is not only fun. The main thing is that it is safe and can withstand the required load. We, the authors of the article, will not allow you to get confused when choosing.

Our instruction is a lifeline for a trampoline buyer who gets lost in the sea of offers. Trust me; there are so many downright bad options out there. But now, you will receive the most valuable information and understand how to choose a trampoline that will not let you down!

How to Choose a Good Trampoline for a Summer Residence: Detailed Instructions From Experts

Today you will find out:

  • What characteristics to look out for first
  • Is it possible to buy an inexpensive trampoline for a summer residence
  • What sizes of trampolines are, and for whom are they designed
  • What beginners never consider when choosing

The purpose of buying the best fitness trampoline for a summer residence and the place of its installation.

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Before choosing a trampoline, decide:

  • Who are you buying it for? How many people will be jumping?
  • How much space can you afford?

If only one small child begins to jump on the trampoline, a 6-foot model (~ 183 cm) is suitable for him. But the jumping surface itself will be smaller since there is a protective mat between the jumping surface and the overall diameter. It closes the springs so that a person does not fall on them when jumping – the risk of injury is eliminated.

  • A 6 ‘or 8’ trampoline is sufficient for one small child
  • A 10-foot trampoline will be optimal for a child – bought for growth
  • Trampolines from 10 feet can support two children or a small child and an adult at the same time
  • 12-foot trampolines are suitable for 3 children
  • Trampolines from 13 feet are designed for several children or for adults who can perform difficult jumps, somersaults, etc.

If possible, take a larger trampoline. This will diversify activities, adults will be able to jump, and children will become more fun if there are more of them.

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Net Layout and Design Feature: How to Choose a Safe Trampoline?

First, let’s figure out how the trampoline works. In the middle, there is a jumping canvas. The springs are attached on one side to it, on the other to the metal frame. To avoid traumatic hitting the springs when jumping, a protective mat is placed on them. But jumping on this part is still highly undesirable.

Now let’s define the risks when exercising on unsafe trampolines:

  • Kicking on springs
  • Fly out of the canvas
  • Impact on the rack

To minimize the risk of injury, trampoline manufacturers install a protective net – only such models we consider when choosing. It is of two types:

  • External mesh. Installed from the outside along the outer diameter. The springs are located inside, and the role of the net is reduced only to ensure that the person does not fly out of the jumping zone. Accordingly, there is practically no protection against hitting the springs. In addition, the outer mesh is attached to the vertical metal supports, and the person is also not protected from contact with them.
  • Internal mesh. This is a much safer trampoline design. The net is installed so that the spring part is completely out of the jumping zone. It is located at a distance from the struts, so strikes against them are excluded.
  • Internal mesh with top ring. The safest solution. Premium models of trampolines have an upper rim on which the net is stretched. The racks are at a greater distance; the mesh is always stretched as much as possible -it fully protects against flying out of the jumping platform and against strikes against the posts. Such trampolines exclude frequent sagging of the net. On conventional models, you have to tighten it.

Maximum load of a trampoline with a net for giving. The most important points:

  • Unscrupulous manufacturers often overestimate the performance when talking about the maximum permissible load. Therefore, it is better to choose a trampoline with a margin.
  • The smallest models (6-8 feet) are not intended for adults, so there is no need to rely on the specs. The trampoline frame will collapse from overload.
  • There are 2 types of mounts – cheaper and more expensive. It is recommended to buy trampolines with reinforced bottom support. The bindings are better; the structure is more stable, the frame will not fold from jumping.

What Are the Best Garden Trampoline Brands?

You need to pay attention to the brand because the high status of the manufacturer corresponds to the increased quality of the components. And this is already reflected in the stability of the structure and the safety of the trampoline as a whole.

An inexpensive trampoline from a little-known manufacturer will cause a lot of problems. The mesh will be made of coarse material (contact can cause scratches and burns). Springs on cheap models burst, and jumping on them is inconvenient. The protective mat and fabric will fade quickly.

One manufacturer compared a competitor’s mesh to a grater. You could rub an apple on it. This is not the level of safety that you would wish for your children.

If you want to choose a good and safe trampoline, go for well-known and specialized brands. Cheap offers from super- and hypermarkets are usually extremely low-quality.

Brands we 100% trust:

  • Oxygen
  • Hastings
  • DFC
  • Proxima
  • Optifit

Are Additional Options Important When Choosing a Trampoline?

If you wish, choose a trampoline with additional opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • Models with a lower protective net. Children won’t get under the trampoline – you don’t endanger them. Also, there may be animals under the frame; the net will also protect from this.
  • Entertainment options. Trampolines with a basketball hoop and a ball are on sale. This will diversify the jumps as much as possible, make the lesson more fun.
  • Roofed trampolines. It protects against the ingress of foliage and dirt; the jumping surface will always be clean.

How Much Is a Good Trampoline for a Summer Residence?

The price of the issue is at your discretion. We conditionally divided trampolines into 5 price segments. Naturally, the cost directly depends on the size, but other design characteristics are also considered. Therefore, for example, 12-foot trampolines can be found for both 277 and 554 United States dollars.

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So what you need to know:

  • If you need a trampoline for children to grow, choose a model from 8 feet or more
  • Models with inner mesh are much safer; take a closer look at them
  • Buy a trampoline with a load reserve so that it can withstand it
  • You should not choose the first cheap trampoline that comes across; only models of well-known brands are worthy of attention
  • Additional options diversify your activities
  • A good option can be found up to 415 US dollars, the price of a trampoline depends on your requirements

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